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Celia the Great: Tricks for Being a Happy Kid

by Abby Jacobs

Celia discovers that her magic can help her handle many situations. She finds that she can be patient, use good manners, listen, and follow directions. This magic thing is great!

About the Author

Abby JacobsAbby Jacobs is an art therapist raising her two magical children. Abby has helped children, adolescents, and adults to understand and express emotion through the use of art and talk therapy. As a mother, Abby searched for ways to help her children deal with the intense emotions that arise during early childhood. Using “magic” has helped empower her children to become aware of their emotions and begin the self-soothing process. Celia’s magic tricks are used in Abby’s household on a daily basis. Her daughter, six years old, is now teaching her son, three years old, to use Celia’s “magic.”